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Most traders spend all their time and energy trying to find the best entry. But then once they are in
It’s hard to fly when you can’t properly gauge your altitude. Pilots rely on instruments to measure how high or
I held a YouTube live trading webinar on our YouTube channel where I talked, among other things, about the best
In this article, I present 6 steps that helped one of our traders go from consistently losing trader to consistently
The market you’ve been following just tanked. It’s hit a new low. But now, you see a glimpse of a
There’s this old saying, often applied to strategic games as well as warfare, that “the best defense is a good
The technical analysis approach revolves around evaluating and capturing mass psychology and sentiments of market participants. Regardless of which technical
In our latest interview podcast, we had the privilege of speaking to Steven Goldstein and Mark Randall from Alpha Mind.
In our latest podcast (click for all episodes) we talked to Mandi Rafsendjani and we went really deep into trading
Day trading and swing trading are two strategies worlds apart. Know the difference, and don’t assume it’s just a matter

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Browse our 400+ trading articles in our full trading blog.

Candlestick charts are further developed line charts - which the image below shows - that serve to compensate for the
Price action is among the most popular trading concepts. A trader who knows how to use price action the right
Moving averages are without a doubt the most popular trading tools. Moving averages are great if you know how to
I have been on this earth for a bit more than 30 years now. I have lived through many ups
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