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Tips for New Traders

6 min read

7 Best Tips for New Traders

We have probably all heard about the 90/90/90 rule in trading: 90% of traders lose 90% of their trading capital within the first 90 days. But what...

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2 min read

Chart of the Week #1

This post marks the start of a new weekly category here on the Tradeciety.com website. From this week on, I will be sharing the chart of the week...

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8 min read

How to Create a Trading Plan

Do you sometimes feel lost in your trading and miss the best trading opportunities? A lot of traders constantly jump around timeframes, hunt for...

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2 min read

Liquidity Grab Pattern

The following is the content of our weekly trading newsletter. Every Thursday, we are sending out a newsletter with brand new trading tips, the best...

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performance goals in trading

3 min read

The 5 Hidden Dangers of Performance-Based Trading Goals

Many traders establish daily, weekly, or monthly profit goals, aiming to achieve a certain percentage return every week or every month.

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4 min read

5 Mindset Biases That are Destroying Your Trading

A psychological bias is like a mental shortcut or a pre-programmed response that our brain uses to help us make decisions faster. It's often based on...

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9 min read

Best Day Trading Trading Strategies Explained

Day trading is a popular trading style because of its fast-paced trading approach and the plethora of trading opportunities. However, finding the...

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