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The majority of the time traders only talk about entries and techniques on how to find the best trades, but Read more
On the first glance, trading doesn't seem to be that hard: you can either buy or sell, that's it. At Read more
Everywhere in the web, in trading books or when you listen to traders talk in person you will eventually hear Read more
In today’s world, math and statistics are not very popular and most people don’t even understand basic mathematical and statistical Read more
The Thinking Behind A Rally In Price These days you can see excited and euphoric traders in twitter, forums and everywhere Read more
Being a forex trader is more than just buying and selling some currencies, but the fewest traders are aware of Read more
How often have you found yourself flipping through timeframes of the same instruments time and time again without really knowing Read more
In the last few years High Frequency and algorithmic trading has been used as an excuse by traders when they found Read more
No, the title isn’t a typo and we are not completely bananas either. The concept we are about to share Read more
A Google search for "free online trading videos" amazingly gives you more than 12 million results. If you leave out Read more
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