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We have published over 500 trading blog posts over the years.

To help you find your way around, we compiled a list with the most popular and most read blog articles.


How to understand candlestick patterns
10 most profitable Candlestick patterns
8 Forex Candlestick trading strategies
3 Outside Bar trading strategies
13 of the best Candlestick trading signals
How to trade Candlesticks like a pro
How to trade Candlestick wicks
Tips for trading Candlestick Patterns the right way

General Charting

5 ways and tools to find Support and Resistance levels
How to use Trendlines
How to know the Strength of a Trend
How to know the direction of the trend
How to draw Support and Resistance levels
6 golden Supply and Demand trading rules
10 tools and tips to identify the Trend Direction
Momentum trading guide for Forex traders
4 signs that the Trend is Ending
Wyckoff trend analysis tutorial
The 4 types of price Gaps


7 rejection Price patterns you have to know
Master Chart pattern trading – my ultimate tutorial
How to trade Triangles
The classic 1 2 3 Pattern – a powerhouse

Price Action

Best Price Action trading secrets
Keep it simple: 5 ways to read charts in a better way


How to use Moving Averages
How to choose the best indicators
How to use the Fibonacci tool the right way
How to trade with the Ichimoku Cloud indicator
The 5 best trading Oscillators for finding trade entries
How to use the Stochastic indicator
How to trade a divergence – Ultimate Guide
How to use the ATR indicator
Bollinger Bands indicator explained
Trading with the MACD indicator
How to use the Donchian channel indicator
Keltner Channels vs Bollinger Bands
Trading Fractals with the Williams indicator
Indicators work but you are just doing it wrong
The ultimate Math cheat sheet for traders
How to use the RSI indicator

Trading Strategies

5 pullback trading strategies
How to trade Breaks successfully
6 tips for finding better Trade Entries
How to trade a Consolidation
The 4 best Trend Trading strategies
5 of my most Favorite Trading Strategies
Ma favorite price action strategy
23 best Trading Strategies for Forex that work
My top 3 Trendline trading strategies
How to trade the Bull Trap
Beginner Day Trading strategy for Forex

Full-Time Trading

The secret ingredient to becoming a Full Time trader
How to become a Profitable Trader step by step
How to become a professional trader FAST
Trading Business plan step by step
The perfect Trading Routine – step by step
What do you need to become a Full-Time Trader

Trading Psychology

24 reasons why traders lose money
40 Trading Enlightenments that struck me over the years
Why I prefer low Winrate systems
The case for going Full Time as a trader
Self Sabotage: Do you do it and how it’s destroying you
Health, Effectiveness, Happiness – A blueprint
5 truths that will change your life
How to stop Overtrading

Mixed Topics

Important Forex news
How to use the Reward-Risk Ratio
11 trading rules from Marty Schwartz – market wizard
How to trade the NFP news as a Forex trader
Does stop hunting exist?
How to perform a multi timeframe analysis
6 ways to place a Stop Loss in a better way

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