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6 min read

How To Survive Your First Year(s) As A Trader – 9 tips

I won’t sugarcoat it because from own experiences I know very well that trading is hard and challenging. No wonder that the analysis of brokerage...

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5 min read

Trading With Confidence – 5 Powerful Tips

Profitable trading is effortless, simple and does not require much stress. But most traders experience a very different reality and are constantly in...

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4 min read

17 Biases That Explain Why Traders Lose Money

The human brain is a fascinating machine. It allows us to do many things simultaneously without having to think about doing them. You can drive a...

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2 min read

Fixing A Broken Trader – Finally Understanding Profitable Trading

I recently listened to a great podcast with Tim Ferris where he talked about the concept of getting back to “baseline” in the context of depression...

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3 min read

Are You Really In A Losing Streak? How To Deal With Losses

Every week I get asked how to get out of a losing streak.

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3 min read

4 Pro Tips To Becoming An Instant Elite Performer – Improve Your Mental Trading Game

I recently came across Josh Waitzkin after listening to his interview with Tim Ferriss. Josh Waiztkin became a chess ‘superstar’ as a child and a...

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3 min read

Anything Is Possible – How To Approach Your Trading Career With A Curios Mind

Do you remember the time when you were just getting started in trading and your mind was open to all the possibilities and you believed that you...

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