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Trading Academy

The ideal package for new traders.

The trading course covers everything from A to Z. It includes trading strategies, price action, risk management, and trading psychology.

You can ask us questions directly 7 days a week.

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Funding Mentorship

For intermediate and experienced traders, looking for a mentorship program.

The focus is on day trading strategies and how to get funded.

Weekly live webinars and a private community help you make progress fast.

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Day Trading Course

Learn three ready-to-use day trading strategies.

This offer comes without mentorship, live webinars, and support. Hence, it is the most affordable option.

The elite package is a self-study video course with over 75 new day trading videos.

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Psychology (4)

2 min read

Are You Trading Or Gambling? The Problem-Gambler Checklist

Today we are going to talk about a topic many traders will deny and it’s important for you to keep on reading, especially if you feel offended or...

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4 min read

How To Learn Listening To Your Gut Feeling And Train Your Instinct

I am a systematic discretionary trader. If I had to make an estimate of how much is systematic and how much is discretion, I would go for 70/30....

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5 min read

8 situations when emotional trading destroys you – and how to fix it

It does not matter whether you are reading sophisticated trading books or just browse around online trading forums, almost every trader seems to be...

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3 min read

Do You Need A Big Trading Account To Make It Happen?

Short answer, yes. Undercapitalization, to me, is the biggest reason for people failing in this business. And Brett Steenbarger, a respected trading...

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4 min read

6 Things That Separate The Pro From The Amateur Trader That You Can Change Right Now

A professional trader is not the one who was more trading screens, better equipment or the better indicators. A professional trader is defined by how...

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4 min read

Don’t Trade Your P&L: 10 Tips To Avoid Trading The P&L

Don’t’ trade your P&L (profit & loss) is a common phrase that gets thrown around a lot, but very few traders have a real understanding of why we...

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4 min read

Trading Is Gambling. But So Is Going To A 9-to-5 Or Marrying Your Spouse – Our Whole Life Is A Gamble

Is trading gambling? Does it matter what you call it? And which implications does it have for you?

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6 min read

How To Survive Your First Year(s) As A Trader – 9 tips

I won’t sugarcoat it because from own experiences I know very well that trading is hard and challenging. No wonder that the analysis of brokerage...

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