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5 min read

How to live your dream life with trading – 3 levels of WHY

How does trading fit into your overall vision for your life? The beauty of trading is that it can be a vehicle to help you create your dream life...

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4 min read

Wirnate secrets revealed

This article could be life-changing for many traders. I understand that it is “sexier” to talk about indicators, entries and strategies, but this...

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6 min read

5 Truths That Will Change Your Life

It’s funny, really, that in a world which is spinning ever faster there is also an ever growing desire to feel happy every day. It’s almost as if...

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7 min read

Trading Psychology Crash Course

Let me make a blunt statement which is 100% true:

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4 min read

A trading system that fits your personality. What does it mean?

The phrase “you need a system that fits your personality” gets thrown around a lot, but from my own experience helping traders, I can say that very...

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3 min read

Overcoming Your Inner Critic: 4 Tips For Recovering From Trading Losses

“If you personalize losses, you can’t trade.”

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1 min read

The most important trading emotion

Trading is 90% psychology in my opinion. Although we might have a great system as traders, the way we execute our system is determined by our...

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