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Trading Academy

The ideal package for new traders.

The trading course covers everything from A to Z. It includes trading strategies, price action, risk management, and trading psychology.

You can ask us questions directly 7 days a week.

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Funding Mentorship

For intermediate and experienced traders, looking for a mentorship program.

The focus is on day trading strategies and how to get funded.

Weekly live webinars and a private community help you make progress fast.

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Day Trading Course

Learn three ready-to-use day trading strategies.

This offer comes without mentorship, live webinars, and support. Hence, it is the most affordable option.

The elite package is a self-study video course with over 75 new day trading videos.

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Pivot Points For Day Trading

It’s hard to fly when you can’t properly gauge your altitude. Pilots rely on instruments to measure how high or low they’re flying, particularly in...

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Bottom Fishing Trading – How To Find Reversals

The market you’ve been following just tanked. It’s hit a new low. But now, you see a glimpse of a potential rebound. It looks like a significant...

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Mastering Technical Analysis and Price Action – Part I: Macro Analysis

The technical analysis approach revolves around evaluating and capturing mass psychology and sentiments of market participants. Regardless of which...

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The 13 Best Candlestick Signals

Candlesticks are the foundation of any price action chart. And although I do not recommend to trade candlesticks blindly – because their predictive...

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4 secrets for effective Technical Analysis

Video Transcript

(the transcript has been created automatically via an algorithm – please excuse typos and potential errors in the text)

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The 10 Best Candlestick Signals

In this article, we are going to discuss the 10 best candlestick signals.

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The best trading strategy explained

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