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Price Action (10)

3 min read

3 Trendline Strategies

Trendlines can be great trading tools if used correctly and in this post, I am going to share three powerful trendline strategies with you.

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4 min read

5 new price action tips that work

After the huge success of our first article covering price action secrets, I have compiled a new special trading article with 5 new price action tips...

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8 min read

Chart pattern mastery – How to trade chart patterns step by step

A trader who knows how to find, understand and trade chart patterns will be able to navigate the financial markets effectively. Chart patterns are at...

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3 min read

Pivot Points Trading Tips

Pivot Points have been around forever in trading but as with so many trading tools, lots of misinformation has been spread as well. In this article,...

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6 min read

5 Trading Strategies That Work – Trading Strategy Guide

Let’s talk about trading strategies and in this article, I am sharing 5 trading strategies that I use or have used in my own trading. Each trading...

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2 min read

How to build a strong trade idea in 7 steps

I want to show you how to build confluence in your trading approach to get more robust trade signals. Confluence means that you are using multiple...

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3 min read

Pattern Trading Guide – How to trade patterns

Learning about pattern trading is a very important skill when it comes to technical analysis. The market spends the majority of its time going...

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