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3 min read

The Only Thing That Matters In Trading – Profitable Trading Is 100% Emotions

The more I interact with our students or talk to other traders, the more this pattern becomes obvious and I believe that many more traders could be...

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4 min read

How To Use Finviz To Easily Find Stock Setups

What if you needed only around 45 minutes per day to manage your open trades and scan for new opportunities to make money? Enter: Finviz and the...

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5 min read

You Are Losing A Crazy Amount Of Money Each Day

You lose money every day. No matter whether you are a winning trader or a losing trader, right now in this moment you are bleeding money.

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8 min read

Trading Stocks: A Beginner’s Guide

In an everlasting effort to make my life even more awesome (and easier) and because I can never stop learning, I dabble in pretty much everything...

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5 min read

My Favorite Indicator That Helped Me Become A Better Trader

When I started trading, I quickly noticed that I am much more comfortable spotting reversals than finding conventional trend-following or range...

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5 min read

All The People, Books, And Sources That Shaped Me As A Trader

I’m a huge fan of autobiographies. I read at least one per month. That can be an autobiography by a person like Arnold Schwarzenegger (Total Recall –...

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6 min read

Problems Of Technical Analysis And How To Overcome Them

Let me put it out there: It doesn’t matter which strategy or system you use. Any trading method can make you money. And by trading method, in this...

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