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1 min read

Quitting university to become a trader?

If you contemplate quitting university or college because you want to become a trader, this is for you! 

I can relate to this question a lot because...

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5 min read

The power of simplicity – How to understand price charts

You have probably seen that our first book is out on Amazon and the feedback so far is overwhelming. Thank you for that!

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6 min read

How To Survive Your First Year(s) As A Trader – 9 tips

I won’t sugarcoat it because from own experiences I know very well that trading is hard and challenging. No wonder that the analysis of brokerage...

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4 min read

17 Biases That Explain Why Traders Lose Money

The human brain is a fascinating machine. It allows us to do many things simultaneously without having to think about doing them. You can drive a...

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3 min read

Are You Really In A Losing Streak? How To Deal With Losses

Every week I get asked how to get out of a losing streak.

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5 min read

Making Money By Sitting On Your Hands – 10 Situations When Not To Trade

Hunting for signals, chasing the next big win, looking for a cross on your moving averages, trying out new indicators, jumping around timeframes,...

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5 min read

The Fundamental Choice Everyone Gets Wrong In Trading

Most people don’t even think about this, it’s not even a choice for them. Can you still remember how you got into trading and why are you trading the...

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