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Yesterday, after the SNB scrapped the peg all CHF based currency pairs experienced price moves never seen before. Besides an Read more
“What is a realistic return that is achievable in trading?” is among the most asked questions for new and aspiring Read more
Awareness is the first step towards improvement and that is why we collected the 44 most common mistakes a trader Read more
The images of the continuously stressed out trader that yells at his screens and opens and closes trades every minute are obsolete Read more
The average trader has a pretty messed up notion about what a trading strategy is. A trading strategy is not Read more
The majority of the time traders only talk about entries and techniques on how to find the best trades, but Read more
On the first glance, trading doesn't seem to be that hard: you can either buy or sell, that's it. At Read more
Everywhere in the web, in trading books or when you listen to traders talk in person you will eventually hear Read more

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