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[Free Download] The Ultimate Trading Math Cheat Sheet

Who doesn’t hate math? But, in trading, math is always present and even if you are not aware of how math concepts impact your performance, it is a...

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The Past, The Future And What Really Happens For Traders

Regretting the past and seeing what you should have done, or worrying about the future and not knowing what will happen next are the two fundamental...

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3 min read

Every Trade Has A Lesson But We Often Learn The Wrong Things – The 6 Cardinal Sins Of Trading

Learning from losses is important as a trader and it’s a key component for trading success. On the other hand, amateur traders often learn the wrong...

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4 min read

9 Sports Analogies That Will Finally Help You Understand Trading

Analogies are a great way to illustrate complex concepts. They help explain ideas which are often not intuitive at first glance. The following 9...

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The 3 Types Of Stop Loss Strategies And How To Combine Them In A Meaningful Way

Setting stops is a very underrated and misunderstood concept are in trading. Your stop loss placement impacts your trading performance on so many...

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The Trader’s Survival Kit – If You Are Still Not Seeing Progress, This is For You

The question “What does it take to become a better trader?”, is one of the most asked questions we receive on a regular basis, besides indicator and...

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8 min read

[Expert] The Ultimate Guide To The Mental Game Of Trading – A Portfolio Manager Explains

The following article is a guestpost by Bruce Bower. Bruce Bower manages a portfolio of emerging market equities at a hedge fund. He has a keen...

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