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Understanding when a trend is likely to end is very important as a trader. First, it helps you time your Read more
I show you how to trade price action the right way. I have been trading for over 14 years and Read more
Fakeouts are very common and many inexperienced traders struggle with fakeouts. However, there are a few tips and tricks that Read more
The best trading strategies utilize multiple timeframes. Trades that go against the higher timeframe have a much harder time working Read more
Candlesticks are the essence of technical analysis and they build the foundation of every price analysis. In this video, I Read more
Once again, let's explore some important price action principles. In this video, I share 11 signals and price action concepts Read more
Trendlines are a very popular trading concept and many traders use them in their daily trading. However, there are quite Read more
What does it take to create the perfect trading strategy? The answer will be different for every trader because every Read more

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