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As a day trader, you typically find many trades per day, and day trading is considered a much more active Read more
There are countless trading strategies and candlestick signals. But there is one candlestick pattern that I prefer over any other Read more
The dirty retest pattern has become very common over the last few years and you will see this pattern regularly Read more
Today, we explore a new day trading strategy together. I provide a multi-timeframe and top-down trading strategy for day traders. Read more
Supply and Demand are among the most important concepts in trading because it tries to understand what is behind the Read more
Who doesn't love price action trading strategies? Price action is what matters the most and with a price action trading Read more
Whether it's the beginning of the new year or any other time of the year, this video will help you Read more
There are countless trading books out there. Where do you start? In this video, I attempt to provide a recommended Read more

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