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Let's talk about some of my favorite price action trading strategies. In a special video, I compiled step by step Read more
Trendlines are powerful trading tools. But since they are more subjective than regular support and resistance levels, it's easy to Read more
Divergences are much more than just an indicator signal. A trader who truly understands how to read divergences will have Read more
When you boil it down to its core, 90% of all trading strategies are either breakout or pullback trading strategies. Read more
This video includes a complete day trading strategy with step-by-step chart analyses. The goal of this video is to show Read more
I have coached hundreds of traders over the years and I have seen all sorts of traders come and go. Read more
This has been a much-requested video. We finally explore some of the best candlestick patterns for day traders and I Read more
Backtesting is an important activity that allows you to develop and test different trading strategies in a simulated environment before Read more

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