How to create a Forex trading plan

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How to create a Forex trading plan

A good trade always follows the same steps:

  1. Planning
  2. Waiting
  3. Execution

However, must traders skip steps one and two and just hunt trades all day long and jump into the markets impulsively.

If you want to have more consistent trading results, you need to start planning your trades. There is a reason why “plan your trade and trade your plan” has been around for decades.

So, how do you plan your trades? Although this is somewhat strategy specific, it all starts with understanding what the current price is doing, where key levels are and what options price has.

Long story short, I made a new video where I outlined my step by step. I start with the big picture perspective, find levels that are important right now and then drill down until I can come up with very precise trade ideas that make sense based on what the chart is offering.

And if you enjoy this type of trading and want to learn my whole approach, make sure to check out my price action trading strategy course (click here).



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Comments ( 8 )

  • Abd Karim

    Nice simple way of analysis.

    • Linda

      Is easy to understand.

  • Tshepo

    Thank you very much for sharing important information with. Highly appreciated sir.

  • John

    Rolf, this exercise in planning a potential trade from the overall context to drilling down to the most potential levels/zones of support and resistance was most helpful. I vote for you doing more videos. This one was well done and very important for being prepared for a potential pattern to trade..long and short.
    John N

  • Gilberto Ramirez

    This is probably the most useful market analysis video i have ever seen , simple ,precise and instructional. Rolf, you definitely have a knack for teaching, Keep up the good work!!

    • Rolf

      Thanks, Gilberto 🙂

  • Ramesh

    Rolf, your analysis is so robust and it really works. I have been reading your book on technical analysis master class. I must say it’s a legendary book. Within 100 yrs from now your book will be a rare piece to find because so many new trader and authors will write commentary on your book and then those books will be prevailing in the markets. But I will pass this Original book to my family generations and they will proud and share the stories among their friends that our fore father bought the original book written by a legend in 2019 which is not available now in 2119 but we have the original book. And they shall feel proud about it

  • Petros

    Simple and clear. The video is very nicely presented too.

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