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The 4 Reasons Why Only Losing Traders Trade Without A Stop Loss

Go on any website, trading forum or listen to traders talk on social media and eventually the conversation drifts towards trading without a stop loss. Amateur traders see their stop as the thing that works against them and so they try to come up with reasons why trading without a stop loss will make them better traders.

Needless to say that it usually ends in a disaster. Trading without a stop loss will keep you from making improvements as a trader. Trading with a stop has so many benefits and by understanding the dynamics of a stop loss order in combination with other trading components, a trader can easily find several ways how to tweak and adjust his trading performance.

Last week we published an article on Edgewonk.com about the 4 reasons why trading without a stop loss will keep you from making improvements. You can read the full article by clicking on the link below.

The 4 reasons why trading without a stop loss should be avoided at all costs

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