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The Tradecademy is here

I am so happy to announce that our new trading program, the Tradecademy is finally online.

I set out with the goal to create the trading program that I wish I had access to when I started my trading journey 17 years ago. It was my dream to create the most comprehensive trading course that will offer everything that a trader would need.

Over the last 18 months, I have built this brand-new trading program and I have recorded over 80 new, never-seen-before, trading videos for the Tradecademy trading course.

The course comes with hundreds of chart studies, ready-to-use trading strategies, and a separate module where I show you what it takes to build your own personalized trading system from scratch.

If you have been enjoying my YouTube videos or my Amazon book, then you will love this new program. It is a natural progression to my free trading tips and the next step in your trading journey.

The new course comes with 8 modules and contains everything a trader would need in their journey - from price action and technical analysis to risk management, strategy design, and trading psychology. And if you are missing anything from the course or would like to know more about a specific topic, just let me know and I will create and record a completely new trading video. 

Mentoring and the community aspect are big parts of the Tradecademy program. When becoming part of the Tradecademy, you also join our private Discord chatroom where you can interact with me and your fellow students. You can ask questions, get feedback and enjoy the company of traders from all around the world. And you can also participate in my live trading webinars to get even more personalized mentoring.

I look forward to starting this new journey here on Tradeciety and I look forward to welcoming you to the brand new Tradecademy.

Our first 50 new members can secure a special price and get 15% off by using the discount code: welcome


Learn more:  https://tradeciety.com/academy



 Happy trading




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