How to make YOUR perfect trading strategy – most important strategy tips

What does it take to create the perfect trading strategy?

The answer will be different for every trader because every person is unique. In this video, I provide some tips on how to create your own perfect trading strategy and what it means to have a trading strategy that ‘fits you’.




Backtesting Trading Guide

7 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Backtesting

Backtesting is a methodical approach where traders evaluate the effectiveness of a trading strategy by applying the rules to historical data to see...

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Bull Flag and Bear Flag Trading

5 min read

Bull Flag and Bear Flag Trading Explained

Bull flags and bear flags are among the most popular chart patterns and especially trend-following traders should study those common trend...

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5 min read

The Best Forex Pairs to Trade

As a Forex trader, you can choose from dozens of currency pairs to trade from, but which is the right choice and what are some common pitfalls when...

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