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How do hedge fund traders get better? – Trading Podcast with Steven Goldstein and Mark Randall

In our latest interview podcast, we had the privilege of speaking to Steven Goldstein and Mark Randall from Alpha Mind.
Even the best traders will have moments where they go on tilt, but they get out of those slumps by breaking the negative loops in their minds. To catch it and to realize that you are in those negative cycles, is the first step of breaking out.
Self-compassion is something we don’t always have, but we all deserve it.
The ego and your confidence can go both ways. Lacking confidence leads to fear, missing opportunities, doubting decisions, cutting winning trades short. Too much of it takes you to hubris.
Moritz’s “biggest losing months are always after his winning months”. This is the quintessential example of how being overly confident can drive you over the edge as well.
So much more topics we discussed in this episode, and lessons we can all learn from. What would be your most memorable story from it? And why?




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