Economic News Tools, Calendars And More

Economic News Tools, Calendars And More

Economic News Tools, Calendars And More

When it comes to keeping track of daily news events and being aware of what is happening around the world, the internet offers a wide variety of places where a trader could get lost. However, to make the process for your more efficient and to save you time, we put together the most important new sresources that you need for you daily trading.


Economic Calendar


Forex Factory Calendar

There are many different views about how to treat news in trading, but one thing is for sure: At the very minimum, you have to be aware of upcoming news events. Even if you don’t want to know anything about the news because you are a purely technical trader, at least you should know when the next US Non-Farm Employment Change is happening or when GDP data is coming out. Forex Factory has a neat explanation along with historical data of all news items. If you want to learn about the underlying factors of the forex market and keeping track of what is happening in the world , you should bookmark this calendar.

Go to ForexFactory calendar


Nasdaq US Economic Calendar

The US may not be the largest economy in the world anymore, but it still matters a lot what happens within their borders as the weakness or the strength of the US Dollar still affects the world economy. This calendar with short comments on what to especially look out for each day is a great addendum to the Forex Factory calendar and also more specific for equity traders.

Go to Nasdaq economic calendar


Nasdaq Earnings Calendar

If you are an equities trader, you have to be aware of earnings announcements. The Nasdaq Earnings calendar makes the screening process with easy and efficient. Each day, you get a brief list with the upcoming earnings announcements along with consensus forecasts and last year’s earnings per share.

Go to Nasdaq Earnings Calendar


Futures Calendar

This calendar for futures trading has it all. From news about specific commodities or developments, to notifications about the last trading day of a contract, the Rosenthal Collins Group calendar provides all necessary information that a futures trader needs.

Go to Futures calendar


News Aggregator

A news aggregator checks different news websites for current topics and then compiles them into an easily to digest format so that the reader can get the most information within a short period of time.



This newsmap is one of our favorite tools we use in our daily trading routine. It makes skimming through news articles and finding out what is happening in the world much easier. Immediately, you can see the most talked about news topics so that you can very quickly get a feeling of what people talk the most about. The link below has already a business and market filter applied to it to make it more trading relevant and to save you some time. But you can basically scan for all the news topics out there.

Go to Newsmap


Social Heatmatp – StockTwits

The Stocktwits heatmap aggregates social activity and visualizes what traders are talking about the most. You can also visualize the data sector specific or see which stock is the currently most talked about. Often, the most talked about stocks are the ones who are moving the most. Thus, keeping track of social activity an serve as  great screener for your own stock selection.

Go to Stocktwits Heatmap


Ransquawk – Live Market commentary

Ransquwak offers a unique service where they share live market commentary and are often very fast to deliver new and breaking information about the markets. Their service reaches from equities, Forex, fixed income, energy, to metals. This is the ideal solution if you are looking for a faster and more efficient way to get uptodate news.

Go to Ransquawk


Fear and Greed Index

CNN provides a beta version of their so-called fear and greed index where they analyze different financial ratios such as the VIX, the Put/Call ratio, junk bond demand and stocks on highs and lows, among others. The tools may be a good resources to understand risk on/risk off scenarios and to get a broad overview of what is currently happening in the markets.

Go to CNN Fear and Greed Index


News sites

And if you are still looking for more information, the following news sites are the most popular financial sites out there and you can get your daily dose of market updates and economic stories from these sites.


NY Times –Dealbook –

Reuters Markets –

WSJ Markets

MarketWatch markets

FT markets –

Bloomberg markets –

The Economist markets –

The Economist market indictaor

Danskebank economic review –


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