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All The Best Free Online Trading Videos You’ll Ever Need

A Google search for “free online trading videos” amazingly gives you more than 12 million results. If you leave out the “free”, Google will even show you a staggering 40 million results. Not only for new traders is it an impossible task to sift through those masses of videos and separate the ones which offer valuable trading information and content from videos which are only created to make you buy a trading system or join a trading class.

Throughout our years of trading, we have collected dozens of bookmarks that include trading videos. In this article, we’ll give you our selection of the most valuable free online trading videos resources. They range from webinars, interviews with top traders, general trading and financial education, basic trading concepts, how the capital markets work, economic principles, free university courses, entertaining trading TV series, to thought-provoking talks about trading and investing. So whether you trade forex, stocks, options, or are totally into economics in general, we’ll have the perfect trader’s video websites and links for you.


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Trading Webinars

Webinars are probably the most popular form of trading education out there. They offer traders the possibility to watch the screens of professionals and famous traders while they share their views on the markets and what they are looking for when trading.

However, there is one word of advice: Always keep in mind, when watching a webinar, that the instructors often have their own paid trading classes and are looking to acquire new customers through their free webinars.





Fxstreet is the undoubtedly the #1 trader’s resource when it comes to forex education. Every day they host free live webinars featuring different professionals and their archives include over 3356 webinars (as of October 14, 2014). Whether you are into technical analysis, indicators, news trading or macroeconomics, you’ll be able to satisfy your cravings for forex material here.



Free Online Trading Videos About Stocks, Options, Forex and More



Profitube is a great video resource for traders. Profitube covers a wide range of videos about trading psychology, money and risk management, the most popular trading documentaries and interview and talks by the greatest traders and hedge fund managers.

Profitube – Traders video portal


Money Show



The video archive of Moneyshow is nothing but impressive. There are hundreds of relatively short educational videos about every topic a trader can think of.  Move your mouse over to the “Interest”-Tab and start browsing their video archives.  Especially when it comes to stocks, ETFs, options, strategies and technical analysis, Moneyshow sets the bar very high.  If you haven’t had enough, you can head over to their YouTube account and find many more very entertaining and interesting free online trading videos.


Khan Academy



The Khan Academy is a website that is dedicated to learning. Fortunately, there seem to be a lot of people who are into trading and finances as well.  Just sign in with your social network account and you are ready to go.

Alone the archives of their Finance and Capital Markets site give you an indication of how extensive their video base is going to be and it’s a very good starting point for anyone who is new to trading or wants to polish up their knowledge about financial markets.  A search for “stock trading” gives you 59 videos about many different topics on stock markets and forex traders will be satisfied with Khan’s extensive Foreign Exchange video series as well.  For options and futures traders, Khan’s derivatives section is the place to be.  They offer dozens of videos about options, futures, swaps and other instruments which are all also very frequently commented on by other members.

If you’ve never watched a video of the Khan Academy before, you’ll be surprised about the format. You will feel like you are back in school, only this time around, you get to choose the topic, when to attend the class and the lecturer talks your language.  Khan Academy offers maybe one of the best online learning services out there.



After a long day of trading, or when the markets are kind of slow and you need a break, who doesn’t like to enjoy some mind candy!?  As real traders at Tradeciety, we particularly enjoy listening to other professional traders who share their stories and tips.


Stuart McPhee

Stuart McPhee’s YouTube channel has a variety of very educational and entertaining trader interviews. He interviews people like Mark Cook from the Market Wizardstrading authority Nial Fuller (if you want to see more from Nial, check out his trading video collection) and the legendary and funny trader Ray Barros.


 Opalesque TV

If you are into hedge funds, Opalesque is for you. Their YouTube playlist about “Hedge Fund Legends” includes 252 videos alone. Or head straight to their most viewed interviews and watch legends like Jack Schwager, the former Chess Grandmaster and professional trader Patrick Wolff or Paul Hawtin from the “Twitter Hedge Fund” just to name a few.


Trading Academy by CitiIndex

The highly entertaining training series at Trading Academy demonstrates that it’s possible to start from 0 and become a decent trader in a short timeframe.  Of course, the contestants are being coached by trading legends Ashraf Laiidi and James Chen which would give every trader a jump-start.  However, for entertainment purposes, this series is worth your time.


Trading Movies

When markets are closed on the weekend, what is there better to do than lie on your couch with a cold beer, some chips and watch some movies!?  If you are a passionate trader, you have to check out these two recommended trading movie lists. The 13 recommendations from BusinessInsider include all the classic trader movies and some of the newer ones as well. Also, the CFA Institute offers a recommended finance and trading movie list with some must-see movies if you love trading.


 Free Online Trading Videos From Top Universities

Did you know that you can watch free online recordings from actual university classes from universities such as the MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, Yale or Princeton? Academia makes it possible. They offer over 6000 courses from 25 different universities.  So we’re about to show you how to get access to free online course from Stanford and the MIT.



Yes, THE Stanford Graduate School of Business has its own YouTube channelwhere they frequently upload new videos from actual lectures, talks of top business people, entrepreneurs and inspiring personalities. You can listen to the famous economist Joseph Stiglitz talk about market behavior and what went wrongformer World Bank President,  Jack WolfensohnJack Ma the founder of Alibabasuper entrepreneur,  Elon Musk (does he ever sleep?) or the former chairman of GE, Jack Welch.


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT



The MITOPENCOURSEWARE offers thousands of free actual lectures from all kinds of departments and on hundreds of topics. Whether you are looking for Architecture, Biology, Engineering or Economic classes, you’ll find it there! If you want to broaden your knowledge as a trader, you can hop over to their economics department .  To see which courses offer actual video classes, click on any topic, for example “Principles of Economics” which happens to be the first one. Then, click on “Unit 1: Supply and Demand” and choose “Introduction to Microeconomics” from the top-down list. In the middle of the page you can now see the link:

“View Full Video
Lecture 1: Introduction to Microeconomics (00:34:14)”

Not all courses will offer video recordings, but by following our quick instructions in the image above you’ll be able to navigate through the menu pretty fast. Sit back, grab your notepad and get your MBA.


TED Talks for Traders

Dan Gilbert: Why We Make Bad Decisions

Dan Gilberts shows, based on a variety of different tests and real life examples, that people do really badly when it comes to estimating odds or the likelihood of an outcome and when comparing two similar events based on statistical expectations. Dan Gilbert’s Ted Talk might not help you become a better trader, but it definitely will make you aware of how you can apply some common sense to your daily life and save yourself from making bad decisions that cost you money.


Sheena Iyengar: The Art Of Choosing

Which market do you want to trade? Which instruments should you specialize in?  OsMa, Stochastics or no indicator at all?  Do you use candlestick patterns to gain more information about market behavior? Which settings for your moving average are the most reliable? How to set a Stop Loss, what is the best money management technique and what should you do about News events?  Those are just a few examples of choices you have to make as a trader. It is therefore obvious why system hopping and experimenting with different things is inevitable in the life of a trader.  This TED talk by Sheena Iyengar discussed the problems of making your own choices, having too many options and about having to make choices life changing events.

“The more options, the better choices”, is another false statement. The value of a choice depends on the ability to perceive differences between the options.” – Sheena Iyengar


Paul Kemp-Robertson: Bitcoin. Sweat. Tide. Meet The Future Of Branded Currency

Bitcoin is a very controversial topic but in his presentation Paul Kemp shows why Bitcoin, or similar independent and branded currency forms like Starbucks star points, Air-Miles or Amazon coins, have the potential to become alternatives to old-fashioned currency types.

“Is there a reason for the government to be in charge of the money?” – Paul Kemp


Kevin Slavin: How Algorithms Shape Our World

Algo-Trading, or Black Box Trading, are often used as explanations and excuses by traders who feel that the markets become unreadable and irrational. However, algorithm trading is much much more than just markets ‘acting weird’.  Institutions are moving mountains and spending billions of Dollars to develop better algorithms while hunting for milliseconds in execution speed and for faster data transfer. Kevin Slavin gives a very interesting talk on how dangerous algorithm trading is and how much more harm it can bring to the financial markets and the world as a whole.

The most famous example is the “Flash Crash” in 2010, which is said to be caused by algorithm trading and where $ 1 trillion in market value disappeared within 20 minutes. However, the true cause has still not yet been found.


Laurie Santos: A Monkey Economy As Irrational As Ours

Laurie Santos shows that monkeys, when taught about money and economics, behave the same way and make similar irrational decisions as humans.  This TED talk might not only provide you with a new view on your financial advisor, but also on the way you spend your own money.


Conclusion: Don’t Waste Your Time Searching For Free Online Trading Videos Anymore, We Have You Covered!

We’ve done the hard work for you already, so you don’t need to waste your time searching for free online trading videos. You won’t find yourself browsing through dodgy looking sales pages and question the credibility of the author.  No matter what you are looking for, whether it be beginners education, advanced trading concepts, webinars with professional traders or just plain old trader entertainment, bookmark this page and you’ll never feel lost for something to do.

If you have a good video resource in your bookmarks which you are passionate about, please share them with us and our readers. We are always looking to add to this list and make Tradeciety relevant to our followers! You can also connect with us on Twitter.

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