15 must read BOOKS for TRADERS – my unconventional picks!

There are countless trading books out there. Where do you start?

In this video, I attempt to provide a recommended reading list with my favorite books that are not 100% conventional trading books, but still offer a lot of value to traders.

This list is especially interesting if you have read all the classic trading literature and are looking for something else.


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The Tradecademy is here

I am so happy to announce that our new trading program, the Tradecademy is finally online.

I set out with the goal to create the trading program that...

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The MACD indicator – How To Use The MACD Correctly

The MACD indicator is a popular momentum and trend-following indicator that is based on the information of moving averages and, thus, is ideal to act...

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The Most Important Trading Tool: A Trading Journal Edgewonk

There are hundreds of trading books out there and every book promotes a different approach to trading and how to find the best trading opportunities....

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