Tradeciety Tuesday #2

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Tradeciety Tuesday #2

Welcome back to the second Tradeciety Tuesday.

This week, I prepared a new podcast and a trading video for you. Plus, you can join me in my weekly YouTube live stream.


If you want me to make a specific trading video or answer your question in my next Tradeciety Tuesday, please leave a comment below this article. Thanks!


New Video

I was asked to do another MetaTrader 4 tutorial and so I sat down and went through all the most important features and tips that I can think of and use myself daily.

Make sure to check the timestamps in the video description and jump to the sections that you find most interesting. Or just sit back and enjoy the whole video 😉


Watch below or click here to watch on YouTube.



New Podcast

In this week’s podcast episode, I talk about three different topics:

  1. How do we deal with the need for certainty in our trading? What is the best trading strategy when it comes to having more certainty?
  2. Do you need a complex trading strategy or is it enough to have a simple one?
  3. The concept of ‘saving up to make a move‘ in your life and take a shot at your goals.


Listen below or anywhere on your favorite podcast platform:



Live Trading Stream

And, of course, we are also doing our weekly live trading stream on YouTube.

Join me live, see how I analyze the markets, ask questions and hang out to learn about trading.

The live stream is also recorded and you can watch the replay later with the same link.


Watch below or click here to watch on YouTube.



And that’s it for this week’s Tradeciety Tuesday. We will be back next Tuesday with more.

Are you enjoying our new format? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below and let me know.


I look forward to hearing from you.



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