Tradeciety Tuesday 10

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Tradeciety Tuesday 10

Welcome back to the Tradeciety Tuesday.


ooops. I completely forget to press publish on this Tradeciety Tuesday update post 🙂

But here you have it. This week was all about day trading and in the future, we will bring more day trading-related trading videos to you.


So now let’s get into Tradeciety Tuesday number 10. And here is an overview of the first nine episodes:

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New Video

Moritz has been day trading for many years and in our mentoring program, he is teaching a Forex day trading strategy very successfully.

This week, I picked his brain on some of the most commonly asked day trading questions.

We will continue this series and if you have any day trading-related questions, leave them in the comments below.


Watch below or click here to watch on YouTube.



New Podcast

If you prefer the podcast format, you can also listen to our day trading talk in this week’s podcast episode.


Listen below or anywhere on your favorite podcast platform:


Open in a new tab: listen now


Live Trading Stream

And, of course, we are also doing our weekly live trading stream on YouTube.

Join me live, see how I analyze the markets, ask questions and hang out to learn about trading.

The live stream is also recorded and you can watch the replay later with the same link.


Watch below or click here to watch on YouTube.




And that’s it for this week’s Tradeciety Tuesday. We will be back next Tuesday with the tenth edition.


Are you enjoying our new format? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below and let me know.

And if you have a request for the next podcast or video topic, also leave a comment.


I look forward to hearing from you.



One of the biggest differences between the professional and the amateur traders is the general approach to their daily trading.
This is going to be a personal article and I am sure that after reading it many traders will realize
The following article is a guestpost by Bruce Bower. Bruce Bower manages a portfolio of emerging market equities at a hedge
Everyone knows, what a moving average is. Everyone knows, what volume is. Everyone uses these tools differently in their trading.
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Reversal trading has a very bad connotation to it and as soon as you hear about a reversal trading method,

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