Tradeciety Tuesday #1

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Tradeciety Tuesday #1

Tuesday is Tradeciety day!

From now on, all new trading tips will be released on Tuesday.

Every Tuesday, we will post a new podcast, share a new video on YouTube and also host a trading live stream on YouTube.


Podcast: Stop Blowing Accounts

You can find the latest (and all previous) podcast episode here:

This week, I shared 5 tips on how to stop blowing trading accounts and I also talk about the difficulties of trading a small trading account.


Video: Divergence Trading

Second, in this week’s trading video I explain how to trade divergences and go deep into divergence trading tips.

Watch video: How to trade divergences



Live stream on YouTube

The trading live stream can be watched as a recording here as well: 

Every week, the live stream takes place at the same time.

Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to get announced when it starts. You will also always find a link to the next and upcoming YouTube live stream on the channel.

Click: Our YouTube channel

I am sure that some of you don’t like the way I phrased this topic and that’s OK because it’s
You have all probably heard that you need to treat trading as a business if you want to be successful.
Hunting for signals, chasing the next big win, looking for a cross on your moving averages, trying out new indicators,
Support and resistance trading is very powerful and knowing how to draw support and resistance levels on your price charts
It is a well-known fact that volume, as you see on your Forex pairs, is actually not ‘true’ volume and
Once again, let's explore some important price action principles. In this video, I share 11 signals and price action concepts

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