Money, Emotions, Best Reward/Risk, Losses & More – 8 Surprise Questions

Money, Emotions, Best Reward/Risk, Losses & More – 8 Surprise Questions

This week we did something different. We asked each other 8 surprise questions, did not brief each other and did not cut anything from the video.

We covered things like:

  • What is the best Reward/Risk ratio?
  • Dealing with emotions
  • Drawdowns
  • The worst loss
  • Money, success and much more

If you would like to see more of those videos, let us know in the comments below. You can also leave questions that you’d like to hear us talk about.

You can also listen to this episode in our podcast: Traders Improved Podcast



This article is a guest post by Matt Zimberg who is the President of Optimus Futures, LLC which is a
There are so many trading topics and concepts I’d love to talk about, but often they don’t make for a
There’s this old saying, often applied to strategic games as well as warfare, that “the best defense is a good
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Awareness is the first step towards improvement and that is why we collected the 44 most common mistakes a trader
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Comments ( 9 )

  • Michael Shepherd

    This video is a great change of pace. Please do more of these kinds of videos.

    In the future, could you please address the issue that Moritz raised in this video about how confirmation bias sabotaged his backtesting?

    What can a trader do to avoid this and any other pitfalls or mistakes that traders often make when backtesting?

    I’ve heard a lot of traders say that they’ve wasted hours backstesting because of avoidable mistakes and have had to re-do their backtesting.


  • Dolphin

    Liked this a lot.

    Great work. keep it up!

  • Andrew

    Great video, guys. I think the fact that you are on holidays and more laid back, it presents differently…more casual. Definately worth seeing more of these but I reckon it would have to be in an informal setting to work just as well.

  • Mike butcher

    Both of you gave very interesting insights into your trading mindsets – loved the house. Mike

  • Shanon

    Nice, very insightful.
    Thoroughly enjoyed this one.
    The mindset is easily underestimated

  • Sergio Bonito

    Hi Moritz and Rolf!
    Lovely format.
    I have been reading, hearing and watching your valuable advices, tips, experiences and opinions for a long time. Either one or the other sharing it.
    Now, watching you guys sitting together and bringing out you character and chemistry just adds a new layer. I would say it makes your work more real, human and closer to the guys and girls that follow you and learn from you.
    Good stuff! Keep it up!

    Thank you!

    Question: What was the biggest thing that you sacrificed in order to become a trader?

  • Yongjun

    Fantastic video! I liked it a lot 🙂

    Question for Moritz:

    You mentioned that it has been some time since u have a big drawdown, so what happened the last time, was it just the market conditions that will hit most pro traders once awhile?

    Appreciate all the videos and support! Cheers!

  • Colin robinson

    Like it Loved it so much fun

  • Tyler

    I like it a lot and i hope we do it again.

    Question: When you started trading did you focus on mastering the strategy or chasing profits??

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