Heiken Ashi Daytrading Course

Heiken Ashi Day

Trading Strategies


– The art of trading like a Samurai


Forex, Futures, CFDs

The Heiken Ashi day trading strategy works for Forex, Futures and CFDs.

It has been specifically developed for those markets.


5 Trades per Day

You can find up to 5 trades per day with this strategy.

You learn exact entry, exit and trade management rules.


5min & 15min TF

The Heiken Ashi strategy works best for the 5 min and 15 min timeframes.

In the course, we focus on mastering those timeframes.

The Art of Fast Day Trading


43 video lessons

5 powerful Heiken Ashi patterns

Learn exact entry signals

Step by step trade management case studies

Trade timing with stops and targets

100% original lessons! Not the general supply/demand material

Bonus: lessons about how to manage yourself and your trading business

Forex, commodities, CFDs, futures

Pullbacks & Complex Pullback

Master the art of pullback trading to find high probability trading opportunities where other traders struggle.

Trend Trading

The power of trend trading allows you to get into trades early, ride them for a long time and potentially capture the largest profits. Learn to read market flow.

Advanced Setups

The lower timeframes can be tricky, but the Heiken Ashi strategies allow you to look through the noise and find the best trades day after day.

The Power of Fast Heiken Ashi


Heiken Ashi candles provide a smoother way of analyzing price data.

That is why Heiken Ashi candles are so powerful for day trading and can help your trading.

They are also ideal for trend trading.

In the course, you will learn 4 powerful Heiken Ashi trend and continuation setups.

20 Years & 1000 Students

We have over 20 years of combined trading experience.

Years ago we quit our jobs to travel the world and trade online.

Over the past years, we have helped over 1000 traders achieve their dreams as well.

The course provides a step by step approach towards profitable trading with tons of strategies and hundreds of trade studies.

Start Your Course

Learn to trade like a samurai

What you’ll get:

  • Powerful Heiken Ashi trading strategy
  • 43+ video lessons
  • Dozens of trade studies and chart analyses
  • Learn 4+ setups and a complete trading method
  • Master the 5min and 15min timeframe

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