Gold Triangle Pattern

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Gold Triangle Pattern

I wrote about the Gold triangle last week (click) and the triangle is still holding.

On the lower timeframe, the price still keeps bouncing off the triangle border nicely. The inverse Head and Shoulders provided an excellent opportunity during the range-bound market.

The screenshot below shows the triangle that we already mapped out last week. The support keeps holding. Now, the price is moving into the tip of the triangle and traders are waiting which direction Gold may be headed next.


Candlesticks are the foundation of any price action chart. And although I do not recommend to trade candlesticks blindly -
Trading is more than what meets the eye and trading is not just about being able to read price charts,
  “Our potential is one thing. What we do with it is quite another.”  - Angela Duckworth   Like many traders,
When it comes to keeping track of daily news events and being aware of what is happening around the world,
Reversal trading has a very bad connotation to it and as soon as you hear about a reversal trading method,
This Monday is starting with a bang and Crude oil is down 40% in a single day, testing the 1999

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