GBP/NZD Major Trendline Break

GBP/NZD Major Trendline Break

The price of GBP/NZD broke the trendline in early Friday trading despite the UK bank holiday. The trendline has defined the bullish phase for almost one year.

At the same time, the price is reaching the 100 period MA which acted as support previously.

The lower highs on the daily chart since March 2020 may also indicate further bearishness to come.




  Video Transcript   (00:00): After my last video, there was a lot of interest in the engulfing pin bar
I am a pure mean reversion and reversal trader which means that I look for clues that an ongoing trend
When I started trading, I quickly noticed that I am much more comfortable spotting reversals than finding conventional trend-following or
Being able to understand when a trend is likely to stop and/or reverse is an important trading skill and it
Time flies and we are almost half-way through March. How is your trading coming along? Are you making progress and
I know it's a bold statement but this article is not going to be what you expected - it will

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