About Us

About Us

Meet Rolf & Moritz

We have a combined trading experience of well over 20 years.

We have been traveling around the world as traders for the past 7 years and we have mentored thousands of traders.

On Tradeciety.com, we help traders take their trading to the next level through our mentoring programs and online trading courses.

We have also developed the Edgewonk.com trading journal and the PatternAlpha.com trading AI.

Our Only Social Media Accounts

We have accounts on most social media platforms. However, due to a recent increase in fake accounts, scammers and fraudsters, please make sure that you only follow our real social media accounts.

Youtube: youtube.com/tradeciety

Telegram: t.me/TradersImproved

Facebook: facebook.com/tradeciety

Twitter: twitter.com/Tradeciety (Rolf) and twitter.com/TradecietyMC (Moritz)

Instagram: @sehrcurious (Rolf) and  @tradecietyMC  (Moritz)

Our Trader Stories

Below you find two podcast episodes where Rolf and Moritz share their stories, how they got into trading and everything else.

Rolf & Moritz talk about their story:

Rolf shares his story and how he got into trading:

Trading & Traveling Around The World

We have combined trading experience for over 20 years.

We quit our corporate jobs years ago and started traveling the world.

For us, it’s all about self-determined living and being our own boss.

Our mission is to help as many traders as possible to live their dream as well. We have seen it first hand that it is possible. You can do it too!

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Verified Results

Moritz, 33

I am a former professional Poker player turned day trader. I trade stocks on the higher timeframes and also enjoy the 5-minute charts when trading Forex and Futures.

I will teach you how to recognize trends early on, then wait for a correction in price, get in with the cheapest price possible, and ride the second or third leg of a trend before we bail as everything collapses shortly after. There is indeed a time to be greedy in trading – and that is in the middle of a move. Not at the beginning, not at the end.

I have been mentoring friends of mine for many years now in different parts of life and I always had a huge love for developing and working with people – thus my Master degree in Educational Psychology. I am stoked to be part of this community and hope that we can push a few of you into profitability and change your lives!

Rolf, 35

I am a pure price action trader and I also use trend analysis in my trading. I love to keep it simple and keep my charts very clean.

I was never comfortable with regular trend-following trading and so I created my very own system that helps you find new trends very early on so that you can ride new trends right from the start for a long time.

I feel home at the higher timeframes where strategic thinking and planning is required and it gives trading a completely new dimension.

When I am not trading, you will find me doing sports – mainly running and Crossfit – or reading a good book. I am very much into personal development and like to try out new things to tweak my life.

The Tradeciety community is like my second family and I enjoy watching our traders grow and move towards their goals. It drives me every day.

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