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Most traders spend the majority of their time trying to find the ultimate trading strategy and they go through dozens Read more
Often, as traders we have periods where everything seems to go well and we have one winning trade after another. Read more
Options give a trader another dimension to speculate on the market. Used properly, they can be a very beneficial tool. Read more
Dealing with emotions is a very important aspect when it comes to trading successfully and the impact psychology has on Read more
Upon entering a trade, most traders have a set risk reward ratio in mind that they are looking to achieve Read more
This article is a guest post by Matt Zimberg who is the President of Optimus Futures, LLC which is a Read more
Trading is a performance game and there are a lot of similarities between trading and sports. Sports, especially team sports, Read more
Far more than 95% of traders lose money consistently. Knowing this fact which also has been proven by market research, Read more
Today we are busting 5 of the biggest price action and indicator myths that have been around for years and Read more
How you talk or think about your trades can signal how you are going to manage your trade and your Read more
Demo-trading is usually seen as a way of verifying that you can make money with your trading strategy before you Read more
Trading is so hard - but is it really? Although the majority of people fail and will never be able Read more
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