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  I get often asked about the best moving average and how to use moving averages the right way. In
1. Treat trading seriously If your ambitions are to trade professionally, you must approach trading with the seriousness it requires.
    Yesterday, I did a live Facebook video where I answered a few trading questions from the attendees. Make
Video Transcript (the transcript has been created automatically via an algorithm - please excuse typos and potential errors in the
In this article, we are going to discuss the 10 best candlestick signals. Candlesticks are very important because they are
Every good chart analysis should start with a bigger picture view and by identifying the most important price levels. In
This article compiles the 5 most interesting charts for early June 2020. The charts chosen are the ones with the
The EUR/CHF has moved lower since November 2019 and for now it seems like the price has bottomed above 1.05.
The EUR/USD, just like most other USD Forex pairs, is stuck in narrow ranges on the higher timeframes. This range
The AUD has been the winner this week so far. The AUD/USD is almost pushing into the 0.67 resistance level.
  Video Transcript I'm a huge breakout fan and when I explain breakouts to my students and to other traders,
The USD/CAD daily chart shows a nicely defined triangle pattern with a flat support level between 1.385 and 1.39 When
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